Top Gaming Engagers for Event Marketing Games To Boost Your Audience Engagement

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Lots of event planners get hyped about integrating gamification solutions in their events. But very few of them are aware of the options available out there or the right way to use them. Without following a robust event strategy, executing gamification effectively can be overwhelming. Incorporating online games for marketing is exemplary when it comes to increasing the engagement rate of events. However, it's equally important to tie them back with evaluating success against the objectives of your event.

Why invest in event marketing games?

Making use of event games for brand activation can aid in adjusting the mindset of your target audience. Moreover, marketing games also encourage them to purchase your products/services. Studies have shown that games can engage the audience by putting their moods in a favorable place between increased awareness and less engagement. This implies that people at events who experience marketing games are greatly engaged and remain open to branded messages & sponsor content.

Engamio's advantages in marketing games

One of the biggest advantages of Engamio is that our gamification solutions offer event strategists and marketing leads the ability to rethink event gamification is more than just a fun addition to their event plans.

Moreover, Engamio's engagers have been designed to help event organizers and marketers create an experience that includes:

Now let’s have a look at the top event games for marketing that you can use to boost audience engagement:

Engamio's Event Marketing Games

Virtual check-in map

Virtual maps can make the process of joining a virtual event interesting and amplify audience connections through advanced networking, a global view of audience locations, live statistics, and more. Engamio offers an interactive virtual map engager package. Any event platform can be easily integrated these packages using iFrame.

More importantly, if your event's participants are from different neighborhoods, cities, or countries, the virtual live map would allow each one of them to indicate their position using a pin or profile bubble. Not only that, but participants will also be able to view overall statistics as well as the pins of other guests in real-time.

Jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles are a great means of exercise for the brain. And, according to studies, they are capable of improving visual-spatial reasoning, cognition, short-term memory & problem-solving skills. Engamio has an excellent Jigsaw puzzle engager package. It also allows you to use any image to create an exciting puzzle for the participants. Besides, these puzzles can be customized ideally with brand logos, corporate colors, special offers, and sponsor’s content.

Word search

From boosting mental performance to improving concentration, there is a myriad of benefits to word search games. Leverage the word search game to help boost engagement rate and customize your selection of keywords to emphasize the key messages of the event and branded experience. The Word Search package of Engamio lets you create your own unique word search boards based on desired topics. In addition, customers can easily customize the engagers to reflect their branded message.

Virtual selfies

It is quite common for people to take pictures of themselves while at events. You can do the same in case of your virtual or hybrid event with the help of virtual selfie booths. Engamio’s Virtual Selfie Booth package simplifies the process by letting your guests share in-event pictures on social media, complete with your branding. There are multiple customizable layouts available as well.

All four of these gamification solutions enable unique experiences that engage with your audience while being a great champion solution to virtual platforms that have their leaderboards or challenge boards. Planning to invest in gamification solutions for enhancing the engagement rate of your events? Book a quick demo session with us!