How To Implement Event Gamification In Virtual & Hybrid Events in 2022

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Do you have difficulty making your meetings & events creative and engaging? In present times, gamification has evolved as a simple yet innovative tool to guarantee increased engagement & lead generation. In short, incorporating a gamification element implies utilizing gamified contests, leaderboards, and reward points in virtual & hybrid events. Moreover, event gamification can be added in various forms, beyond clicking call-to-actions or visiting websites.

Virtual & hybrid event stages that implement creative gamification can help create a fun environment for attendees. As a result, it enhances your event's engagement rate.

Here are 5 proven strategies that you can follow to implement gamification in your virtual & hybrid events in 2022.

Identify your objectives for event gamification

So, firstly, ask yourself questions like:

  • Why do you want to include gamification in your events?
  • What success metrics will it meet for your stakeholders?
  • And what are your point and objective behind doing it?

Once you have answered these strategic questions, the journey ahead will become a more straightforward plan. This will ensure a gamified experience while encouraging them to learn more about the event.

Once you have established your objectives, be it sponsorship ROI, brand awareness, or lead generation, you can choose interesting games based on those goals. Just make sure to provide elements of competition with rewards as motivations for participants.

Choose the right games

Picking relevant games for your virtual & hybrid events that would actually engage your audience is important. Each game has a particular purpose behind it. For instance, Engamio‚Äôs Map engager allows attendees to indicate their physical location on a real-time map. This will provide a global view for audiences at the event. Besides, these engagers also help generate new leads & improve audience engagement. Also, it is fundamental to pick event gamification ideas based on your objectives.
You can integrate games like:

  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Virtual selfie booth
  • Word search
  • Crossword puzzles, and even more.

Set coherent rules & regulations for event gamification

Create a set of well-explained regulations and make sure that your event guests are aware of them. Giving them clear directions on how the game works will prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings during the event. To make things easier for you, Engamio's gamification tools come with a predefined set of rules that can be shared with everyone seamlessly.

Involve sponsors in the planning process

Letting sponsors be a part of the decision-making process for the game rewards can be an excellent way of aligning your objectives with theirs. With Engamio's engager packages, you can drive sponsorship activations through attractive call-to-actions & customized storytelling featuring sponsor content.

Track the behavior & participation of your guests

Monitoring the behavior and engagement of event attendees can help you understand which games are performing the best. This will empower you to make improvements wherever necessary and set engagement benchmarks using the analytics data collected. Each Engamio engager tool comes with analytics and engagement metrics. Besides, these engagers also generate a detailed report that can be downloaded and shared with sponsors.

Are you ready to boost the engagement and success rate of your virtual & hybrid events in 2022? Let's start your first event gamification with Engamio! Reach out to us for discussing your next event.