Lead Generation Strategies Through Gamification at Events In 2022

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When you're attempting to boost your event planning efforts and make the most out of them, you must generate new leads for increased engagement & brand awareness. In this blog, we are going to cover the top lead generation strategies through Gamification at Events for event planners in 2022.

Gamification at Events

An effective lead generation strategy can aid your event planning to proliferate seamlessly.

Gamification alludes to the act of adding game-like components to contexts beyond games. When it comes to virtual events, gamification implies the incorporation of game-like features and components within an event for improving the attendee experience and achieving the desired outcomes.

Why Choosing Engamio for Gamification at Events?

A platform like Engamio can help you incorporate these engagers:

  • Interactive maps
  • Word searches
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Virtual selfie booths
  • And lastly, crosswords into your online and hybrid events.

Through gamification, you can empower the generation of qualified leads by creating new opportunities for activating sponsor brands and promoting interaction among guests. It will also encourage the attendees to exchange problem-solving insights and ideas with one another.

Host an interesting game

Rather than having overwhelming, costly, physical activations hauled to your events, make use of activations that attendees can access from their smartphones or tablets.

Gamification solutions such as word searches and jigsaw puzzles are designed specifically for that. You can customize the games according to your preferences. Then, you present them to your audience before the event gets started or during intervals to keep them engaged.

These packages from Engamio each boast an engagement rate of nearly 90%. Hence, this proves their effectiveness for virtual and hybrid events without a doubt.

Organize a virtual selfie booth

Capturing selfies is one of the most commonplace, yet interesting ways for many to preserve memories of indelible moments. Virtual selfie booths enable you to integrate a digital booth. So, your event’s guests can take branded selfies at your virtual events and share them via social media.

There are multiple customizable layouts available, as well as a ‘selfie with speaker’ feature.

Let participants mark their locations in real-time

This is another one of the most exemplary lead generation strategies that you can implement for your virtual events in 2022.

Often you will find virtual events allowing attendees to mark the locations that they logged in from using pin-pointers on a digital map. Engamio takes things up a notch by making this experience even more interactive with the help of real-time pins, maps, and live statistics. You can also connect with a user straight from the map.

If your business is a destination marketing company, the New Map can help highlight local businesses in the area. Besides, participants can explore hidden gems in the city.

If you are an event professional planning a city-wide event, you can use the Map's enhanced features and allow participants to pin their visited sites during the event as a heat map.

Looking for customized solutions for gamification at events?

Reach out to our experts at Engamio to discuss your next event today!

Our business provides smart solutions to event planners for engaging the audience during virtual & hybrid events. All of our solutions can be customized effectively as per your unique branding, content, and storytelling specifications.

Plus, they feature useful analytics and metrics that can help you drive brand awareness and leads competently. Not only that, but our carefully curated packages for event planners can also help you draw the attention of new gamification partners, thereby empowering additional revenue streams.

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