Gamification: Lead Generation Strategy with Fun At Events In 2022

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Even though the idea of gamification isn't new, it is right now producing a great deal of buzz. Now, this concept is not just being used to encourage customers to build greater awareness and interest. But gamification at events is quickly rising in popularity for its ability to improve audience engagement. Besides, gamification has also become the most crucial lead generation strategy for virtual & hybrid events.

What is Lead Generation Strategy?

So, before we discuss the "Lead Generation Strategy" to grow your business, let’s run through some common terminologies.

What is the "Lead"?

"Lead" is simply a lead is an individual or organization with an interest in what your company offers. For example, you can think of anyone who’s given you their contact information as a lead. It can be for different purposes:

  • To attend a webinar
  • To download a free ebook
  • To sign up for a newsletter, etc

Lead Generation Strategy

Accordingly, lead generation, or “lead gen”, is simply the process running through your sales funnel.

So, in short, any strategy or tactic your company implements to get someone to give you permission to contact them is a lead generation strategy.


Some strategies you can consider to generate leads include:

  • Make sure your landing page is clear and easy to navigate.
  • Create a free, valuable ebook. This downloadable PDF can be a white paper or a report that requires submission of contact information, this piece of content serves as a lead generation mechanism.
  • Last but not least, have you ever thought about gamification as the lead generation strategy? Let's continue your reading!

Objectives of event gamification

Gamification is the utilization of game playing components such as competition, point-scoring, and rules of play in different spaces of activity, like team-building, educational learning, and business sales. Gamification infuses fun into what has become a place of virtual fatigue and lacked interactions with participants.

Event gamification is being utilized to draw the audience’s attention by encouraging competition among them, which in turn, increases engagement and participation. It takes the information-driven procedures used by game designers to engage participants and applies them to activities that increase brand value. It leverages the desires and motivations for feedback, community, victory, self-improvement, and rewards that exist in us all.

Are you thinking about utilizing gamification at events to address your business goals and objectives? Then knowing how to access behavioural change is mandatory for you. The objective of your experience ought to be to make the participants feel excited somehow. So how would you capitalize on their motivation? Games rectify the behaviour of participants and point them in the right direction for accomplishing your business goals. When players start to win the game and are rewarded for it, it fuels their motivation to engage more.

Primary benefits of gamification in Lead Generation Strategy

Heightens engagement and Generate Lead

One of the most obvious benefits of event gamification is that it substantially boosts attendee participation at events, thereby helping generate new leads for exhibitors and sponsors.

Drives increased audience registration

Gamification used as part of the early registration process can help build greater awareness when the participants share their pre-event / registration experience on social media with their colleagues and friends. The social share will amplify their colleagues' reach and entice them to participate.

Source: Engamio Interactive Map

Teaches new things

The inclusion of games into events such as word searches and jigsaw puzzles can help participants learn new things as well as improve their visual-spatial reasoning & cognitive abilities.

Offers better insights

A major advantage of gamification is that it often comes equipped with metrics and analytics, which offers better insights to the event attendees and the contents that they are most engaged with.

Helps collect feedback

Integrating gaming mechanics into events allows for reception of constant feedback from participants, which fosters constructive communication between them and the organizers & sponsors.

Creates an immersive environment

Last but not least, gamification at events helps develop a far more interactive and immersive environment compared to the ones offered by traditional events. The addition of games prevents event breaks from becoming sinkholes where participants may leave the event and not come back. Gamification during breaks allows event organizers to maximize the time available with the participants and reduce the dropout rates.

So, what do you think about Lead Generation Strategy through Gamification?

Are you struggling with generating your lead?, And, are you planning to boost your event’s lead generation with gamification?

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