Ideas to Increase User Engagement All Year Long

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According to the Event Manager Blog report, 91% of event managers prioritize getting more user engagement during their events.

Marketers have had varying opinions regarding the effectiveness of events and conferences. On the bright side, events have constantly proved to offer substantial value by bringing customers & prospects together from the target audience. Quality engagement, however, is something that event professionals often have trouble acquiring. 

Are you looking for ways to improve audience and user engagement for your brand all year long? In this blog, we are going to explore some valuable tips shared by industry leaders

Tips to Increase User Engagement

Perform Crowdsourcing With Brain Dates

Conduct interactive crowdsourcing sessions where participants can pick topics of their choice. Invite other community members to share their opinions and have fruitful conversations with each other. Brain dates can be an excellent way to ensure this.

It requires participants to complete an online profile listing and mention the expertise they can share or wish to receive from others. Individuals can choose from these knowledge offers and book appointments based on matching interests. Event managers can facilitate brain dates before events to encourage better networking between the attendees.

Plan Year-Long Product Experiences for User Engagement

Plan sessions where people can have first-hand experience of a product before its launch. Testing will give participants the confidence to use the products for their brand. It will help you gain insights into the user experience through the early access you offered to participants. In doing so, product designers can roll out improved features based on these experiences.

#EventProfsbreakshit does a wonderful job in creating product experiences for users. They provide breakdown reports based on those experiences as well. Event tech providers can sign up on the platform to have their products tested by other event professionals. It's a win-win for both the product owner and the participants.

The FabFitFun company also uses a similar technique by offering subscribed members a quarterly subscription box containing products chosen by the members.

Influencers/Thought Leader Roundtables

Conducting roundtable sessions with influencers can help participants gain more professional expertise directly from thought leaders. It fosters greater user engagement and meaningful networking opportunities. For instance, facilitates a Weekly CMO Diaries webinar to engage participants who want to learn more about industry-leading CMOs.

The participants get to chat with company leaders about various industry strategies that could be applied to improve brand awareness and revenue growth. It attracts several participants to meaningful conversations that will enrich their industry knowledge and expertise.

Year-Long Virtual Wallets/Leaderboards

Does your company host a series of events with repeat attendees? Have a Year-Long Virtual Wallet/Leaderboard to capture and credit their engagement throughout the year. They can use the credits/coins earned to buy sponsored items from virtual stores.

For instance, VII Events - A2Z Hybrid event, a 365-days event platform for digital marketers & event managers. It lets participants win online credits via a virtual store by Incentil. Users can later spend those credits on attractive sponsored prizes available through the store.

Gamification Challenges

Gamified challenges can be scheduled strategically throughout the year. The theme and experiences can connect from one challenge to the next. It can also feature a theme that increases the difficulty based on the participant's level, sharpening problem-solving skills. For example, you can create a gamified 4-season challenge.

The challenges share similar gaming mechanics, but each will feature a different experience than the previous one. Participants get a badge for every seasonal challenge they complete. Gamification has piqued the interest of many event professionals, with 59% of them currently investing in gamification strategies to enhance audience engagement.

Engamio offers an intuitive bracket of event gamification engagers that can be easily integrated into an event platform. The engagers ensure greater engagement and sponsor-content visibility by using scoring systems, leaderboards, and customizable calls-to-action. As of now, each of the engager packages offered by Engamio boasts a proven engagement rate of 70-90%.

Are you planning to gamify your event marketing strategy for better engagement and value-added connections? Connect with us to discuss your next event!