Complete Guide To Set Up Successful Lead Generation At Your Event

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Event marketing is an excellent way to generate buzz around one or more brands, as well as create valuable engagement for the sponsors involved. A large number of events these days are primarily good at driving existing clients into the sales funnel and moving them towards closing or renewal. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the best tactics to use for generating leads successfully at different types of events.

Which Type Of Events Are Best Suited For Generating New Leads?

According to a Run of Show video published by Ben Hindman, CEO of Splash, here are 4 different types of events highly capable of generating new leads:

Large conferences

Any large conference has been proven to drive nearly 10% lead generation for the associated brands. This is because such a gathering usually has plenty of advertising involved, which attracts the curiosity of new interest groups along with existing users.


Sponsorships are perhaps the best kind of events for generating brand new leads. They can include field marketing operations, trade shows, cross-promotion of an event, and more. Discussed below are tactics that can be used for capturing new leads through sponsorship events:

  • Obtain a list of the attendees - Maintaining a list of the people attending your sponsorship event is a smart move for establishing contact with them after the event. A brilliant way to capture the list of event attendees is through the usage of gamification solutions like Engamio's Virtual Check-In.
  • Capture information regarding attendee engagement - Measuring the engagement metrics of event participants is another effective way to generate new leads from a sponsored event. Again, using gamification tools can greatly simplify this process for you by providing information regarding attendee profiles, live statistics and other useful data.

Partnership events

Partnering with an organization that has a target audience similar to yours can also help drive new leads. Both parties will have the opportunity to engage each other's followers and thereby gain new ones in the process.

Keep An Eye On The +1s

It has been witnessed that nearly 50% of the people attending an event are likely to bring their plus ones along. In the case of corporate events and gatherings, this plus one can very well be a colleague or even the attendee's superior. Tracking the engagement metrics of these plus-one guests can prove valuable when it comes to generating new leads.

Partner With Influencers

Teaming up with local influencers or even the keynote speakers of your event can further expedite your lead generation objectives. When you partner with an influencer, you will have the chance to spread the word about your event to their follower base, which can encourage more people to join the bandwagon.

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