Yes. Engamio can be used in Zoom or any other video-conferencing platform. Currently, we don't have direct integration with these types of platforms, so you will need to start an engager in your account and share your screen with the audience. The participants will see a screen-shared welcoming page with a QR code that they could scan and play on their mobile devices. Another option is to share the link to the engager in the chat. Watch this tutorial video to learn more about presenting/sharing your engagers:

Yes. Engamio can be easily used at in-person events. Every game (engager) can be accessed through a QR code. You can design and print posters, flyers, stickers, etc and place them across different areas of your venue be it the registration desk, exhibition booth, or main stage. You can also share the QR/welcoming page of the engager through the main stage's screen during the breaks. Watch this tutorial video to learn more about presenting/sharing your engagers:

You can also work with your AV Provider to set up Interactive Play Stations with touch screens at in-person events to enable access for your participants to play.

A. There are multiple ways to do that. The best way is to create special tabs in the menu of the event platform (a separate tab per each engager) and embed Engamio through iframe right into the platform. Ask your platform provider if they could create a new tab and embed engager links into it or ask our support team about this option. Watch this tutorial video on how to present/share your engagers:

Yes. Engamio is designed as a DIY SaaS platform where you can create your own account and start creating your own puzzles, word search boards, selfies, maps, and other activations. It is as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation with just 5 slides!

Sure! Although we highly recommend you to try Engamio in a DIY mode by creating your own account and following the tutorials, we can also help you design and set everything up for a separate fee. Ask our team about this option, so we can provide you with a quote for this service.

Absolutely! One of the key benefits of having a monthly or annual subscription is that you can use Engamio whenever you want! Use our gamification solutions to drive new registrations for your event by embedding engager links into your promo posts on social media, or running separate advertising campaigns with promotional contests and gamified activations.

Engamio is a cloud-based web platform, so it can scale easily to a very high number of simultaneous players. It is safe to say that you can plan up to 10,000 attendees playing our engagers at the same time.

This option is available when Engamio has been integrated into an event platform. Our team can issue a special "terms token" that can be used to skip the terms page. At the same time, the platform should place Engamio's terms & conditions as part of the event's terms & conditions, and use dynamic URL parameters to transfer the information about the user (name, email, job title, etc). Ask our team about this option or connect us with your event platform's team.

Yes. You can start using Engamio for FREE by signing up for a Sandbox account that has 30 plays per month. We included all of the available features so you can really get the taste of the platform. Once you'll be ready to use Engamio at your event, you can upgrade your plan.

You can create as many games (engagers) as you want. The only limitation that we have is the number of plays that are included in your package. For example, you are on a Sandbox plan with 30 available plays. You can create as many engagers as you want, but there will only be 30 plays available across all of your engagers together. Once the limit of plays will be reached, your participants wouldn't be able to play either of your engagers.

Whenever someone (you, your participants, colleagues, etc) starts the interaction with an engager (game) it counts as 1 play. For example, a participant started playing a word search - it is counted as 1 play. It does not matter if the game was completed - once the interaction has started it is counted as 1 play.

The participants would not be able to play - they will see a pop-up saying that the plays limit is reached and the interaction is not possible.

Absolutely! We encourage you to use different engagers and customize them with different content. The most powerful use cases were when the organizer used all types of engagers (word search, puzzle, selfie, map, etc.) and had multiple different engagers customized with different sponsors' content.

We have 2 major types of subscriptions: annual and monthly. You can choose what type of plan and what type of duration do you want to have. We can always have a custom solution for a large volume of plays (see the up-to-date pricing plans on our website: https://engamio.com/).

If you have a certain amount of unused plays at the end of your billing period they will not roll over to the next period. For example, you are on a monthly Starter plan with 200 plays available. Every month your account will be refilled to 200 available plays. If you used 190 plays this month and the subscription is renewed, 10 plays will not roll over to the next month and you will again have 200 available plays at the beginning of the next month. When you are on an annual Starter plan (or any other annual plan), the unused plays will roll over from month to month, but will not roll over to the next billing period (to the next year).

You can use Engamio for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It could be a conference, exhibition, webinar, product presentation, educational class, internal corporate meeting, team building, or any other type of event that you can imagine!

One of the most powerful ways to use Engamio is to embed our solutions as separate tabs into the event platform's menu, so the participants could see them and play at any convenient time throughout the event. Embedding Engamio through iframe and setting up an automated user authentication (integration with the platform) will enable 1 platform seamless experience. It is important to start the experience with a welcome page of the engager, so the participants could see the leaderboards and the results of other participants - the competitive spirit will add extra engagement and excitement. It is also important to announce the prizes and sum up the results at the end of the event, so the sponsor of the engager can present their prizes to the winners. That kind of approach will generate the best possible results for all of the stakeholders - sponsors, attendees, and event organizers.

Yes. When creating the engager you can switch on/off the storytelling and call-to-action pages.

All of our solutions (templates) are totally customizable. The biggest advantage is that you can create your own jigsaw puzzles, word search boards, selfies, maps, and customize them with precise colour themes, upload up to 3 logos, customize the images and texts for storytelling and call-to-action pages. You can only use the existing templates of the mechanics be it a puzzle or a word search.

  • You will drive new interactive engaging experiences for your participants.
  • It will help to boost audience engagement.
  • It really helps to retain participants and prevent them from quitting your event, especially during the breaks and periods of low engagement.
  • It will help to drive ROI for sponsors/exhibitors
  • It will help to generate extra monetization streams through sponsorships

Yes. We have a variety of different partnership options. Fill in the form on our website and we will reach out to you to talk about it.

Yes. We can discuss Custom Enterprise Plans depending on your needs. Reach out to us through "Get a Quote" form for the Enterprise Plan and will we reach out to you shortly to discuss different available options.

You can book a demo right on our website ("Book a demo" button) or do it right here: https://calendly.com/engamio

You can either book a demo with us, fill in the Partnership form, fill in the "Get a quote" form, or reach out to us through the following email: info@engamio.com.

Yes, but with a few limitations. The text that you input into any of the pages could be in any language (welcome page, storytelling page, data input page, call-to-action page. There are a few static buttons and instructions that are English only. The word search grid can accept only English letters. We will be working on a multi-language option in the nearest future.