What Do Event Industry Experts Say About Gamification & Engamio?

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Event gamification is a modern strategy commonly being acknowledged by event professionals across the globe. It is incorporated essentially to upgrade the experience of the guests and to boost audience engagement. What makes gamification so dynamic and popular is its capacity to attract people. As opposed to just shouting banners or slogans at prospective attendees, you're making the action of engagement with your event entertaining and immersive for them.

Event gamification also urges participants to be more active via social media by encouraging them to use event-related hashtags, etc. Attendees are invited to participate in various challenges and activities to get scores and rank on leaderboards. In fact, gamification is more than just contests, puzzles, and selfie games. It serves as a perfect tool for ice-breaking, boosting event ROI, collecting analytical data for KPIs, and offering an interactive, exciting experience to participants.

Engamio works with many event professionals & platform service providers to integrate gamified tools into their events, to enhance attendee experience & drive valuable interactions. Given below are some words that event managers and organizers have to say about using gamification for events:

  1. “Thoughtfully designed contests and games are a great way to enhance engagement and deliver more value to all your stakeholders so we’re excited to partner with Engamio to share this experience with our attendees!”
    Liz Caruso, CEO, Chief Event Strategist at Liz King Events

  2. “I’ve really enjoyed the gamification tools throughout TechysTalk. I felt it kept me engaged and increased my energy.”
    Barbara Moore, Client Relations Account Manager at Big Head Cartoon

  3. “Well done to all!!! And no, not just because I was fortunate enough to win, but because this is the way of the future of engagement. I love it and as many of you know, I tell everyone! Keep going, team. Keep going.”
    Jaime Theresa Smith, CMP, National Account Manager at ChoiceLIVE

  4. “I am using Engamio for many of my client events - gamification is an integral part of engagement at virtual events. Kudos to founder Dimash Kunayev, DES, VEMM! This is a much-needed element in the pre-show and breaks.”
    Malak Sidky, DES, President at Health Care Event Planning

  5. “Not only were we able to engage the audience, but we also customized the experience with the branding for our premier sponsor, Johnson & Johnson. It was very easy to design and introduce the activation to our participants. A great value for the money and a creative way to extend our reach using hashtags that went directly to our targeted audience. Looking forward to using Engamio at our next event.”
    Michelle Bowdich, Leadership Development Program Specialist at AMN Healthcare

  6. “..By partnering with Engamio, we hope to provide our users with the tools and ability to enrich their events to provide an interactive experience for the attendees and deliver more value to sponsors and partners.”
    Veemal Gungadin, Founder & CEO at GEVME

  7. “I used Engamio to design various engagement experiences for #EventProfsNBreakShit event. The attendees’ feedback was very positive. The simplicity of Engamio is super valuable. Everyone can have a good time - no matter what degree of competitiveness and experience you have. Using Engamio is as easy and straightforward as using a Powerpoint. Definitely give it a try!”
    Shawn (Yih-Hsiang) Cheng, CMP, DES, Senior Strategist, Brand + Experience + Marketing at DAHLIA+Agency

  8. “I incorporated Engamio on our virtual conference platform and what a success! Delegates had fun! Engamio is easy to use, affordable, and creates engagement with your delegates. It also works well for enhancing brand awareness so your sponsors will be delighted with the exposure.”
    Joanne St-Pierre, Director, Events & Sales at National Golf Course Owners Association Canada (NGCOA)

  9. “..the way that Engamio team worked together with Cadence platform at Techystalk event to integrate was an absolute gamechanger! Not only I was interacting and having fun, but I also was learning things in a fun and engaging way.”
    Anthony Vade, CED, Director North America at Event Design Collective GmbH

  10. “While it was very easy to create the experience, it also generated measurable value for our key sponsors and boosted audience engagement. I recommend Engamio to other event professionals and will use it at our next events!”
    Zumrad Kimura, Event Coordinator at DataScienceGO

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