Struggling With Virtual Conference Engagement? We've Got You Covered!

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We are very much aware of the increasing switch to remote work culture during the last couple of years. A substantial volume of interactions has moved to Zoom, Teams, or other video meeting platforms. While virtual conferences are acquiring a lot of prominence, without the right engagement methodology and powerful marketing solutions, you will not get the sort of commitment that you need.

The concept of gamification has been around ever since the invention of smartphones. Fascinating gamification ideas for your virtual conferences will help create an indelible, positive experience for all. Adding this component to your virtual as well as hybrid events is an extraordinary method for amplifying audience engagement successfully and retaining the attention span of the people present at the conference.

Event gamification and engagement

The greatest challenge with any virtual conference is keeping the attendees engaged for long. Since participants aren’t present physically, they might get distracted very easily. A large portion of us are right now home-bound thus there are various interruptions around, the greatest of all being our cell phones with notifications popping up on them constantly. These problems make it quite challenging to acquire and retain the concentration of everyone.

If you want to garner higher engagement from attendees during your virtual conferences, have a look at these amazing gamification ideas that you can implement to ensure better engagement:

1. Create a games corner

Establish a counter specifically for gaming, where the participants of the conference can enjoy a few sporting activities in the middle of meetings, during breaks. This way you will get a great deal of attention and more individuals may be intrigued to take an interest in your online gatherings. With a games corner, you should rest assured that participants will remain engaged throughout your event.

2. Integrate networking games

The most effective way to get your participants to connect is via games. Arrange for basic games to curate a session of ice-breaking since it is a great method for getting everybody acquainted with one another. You could likewise segregate your participants into small groups and assign challenges to each for competing with other groups.

These games can be scheduled towards the start of your virtual conference or during breaks. They can help you create an engaging experience for the attendees and enable them to network ideally with other attendees in an interesting way.

3. Use gamification to encourage communication

To ensure that your event attendees are communicating with one another effectively, you can add gamified elements to your event. During any virtual conference, individuals attempt to connect with one another, keynote speakers, and sponsors. Many notable marketing influencers believe that the best way for encouraging active participation & engagement during any event is through Q&A sessions that attendees can be a part of. Gamified check-in tools can allow them to view live engagement metrics and communicate with one another as well as ask questions during the conference.

4. Do polling

The most intriguing method for obtaining feedback from the audience is with the help of interactive polls. Such polls can be created for speakers, particular sessions, activities or to be available throughout the event.

Take your virtual events to the next level with event gamification.

Any event organizer should give enough consideration to how can they can keep their audience engrossed throughout its duration. Whenever the people present are taking part, connecting, and networking through intriguing event activities, it will create indelible encounters for them. Want to level up your event strategy with gamification? Reach out to Engamio for a consultation.