Major Event Tech Trends To Focus On In 2022

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As event professionals & organizations of all dimensions start working out their annual schedule of events for 2022, now is an excellent time to get familiarized with the event tech trends that will dominate this year. After the wild disruptions during the past couple of years, 2022 appears to be promising and bring about consistency, particularly in the event industry.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the top event tech trends predicted by industry experts for 2022:

Hybrid and virtual events are here for the long haul

The gradual switch to hybrid and virtual events surely happened quicker than appeared to be possible on account of the unexpected and progressing impacts of the pandemic. However, through the different variants, restriction variances, and changing public perspective of pandemic limitations, one pattern is perfectly clear: now that virtual and cross breed occasions have arrived, they aren't leaving the scene anytime soon.

Set forth plainly, businesses can connect with more individuals, organizations, prospects, and contacts when they incorporate a virtual element into their gatherings & conferences. Certain individuals can't travel, wish to avoid the inconvenience, or are just too far from the event venue. The best way to grab the attention of this portion of your target audience is through virtual experiences.

New tech brings forth new support challenges

One of the difficulties of embracing any new event technology is getting your entire team familiar with its proper usage. As tech solutions become both more complicated and abundant, the technical aspect of utilizing them becomes more challenging as well.

Pulling off a faultless in-person event is laborious enough. Now event organizers are expected to learn about one or two new tech solutions - and ensure that all aspects of the event run optimally.

An incredible solution for this is collaborating with a decent events enablement agency, one that understands the complexities of virtual and hybrid events. Or even better, event organizers can partner with an event tech firm that offers its own, effectively supported virtual platform.

Better utilization of event analytics

As virtual event stages become more mature, expect more focus on the usage of analytical data collected from an event. This particular area was predicted to become digital, however, it requires care and nuance for making the most out of event data analytics.

Virtual events are surely capable of accommodating more analytics tools than even the most tech-savvy in-person events. You get a sound idea of who plans to show up, who makes an appearance, how long they stay, what they take part in, and so on.

More emphasis on engagement

Engagement additionally remains a major priority for events in 2022, however, the key is determining the correct strategy. Virtual engagement is different because people can check into and out of an event more quickly than do the same in the case of in-person events. Expecting a similar kind of engagement for in-person events is not quite feasible. Nevertheless, engagement is important, and businesses must invest in event tech solutions that help to amplify and retain engagement.

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