Guide to Popular Virtual Team Building Activities In 2022

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For any team to work competently, it is important for the members to respect one another and have a sense of duty too. Building a good team involves cultivating a feeling of community that extends even outside the workplace. In this day and age, many teams have been compelled to become virtual all of a sudden. We are currently meeting our colleagues every day over Zoom or Google Meet calls rather than hanging out together at our work desks during coffee breaks. Losing these moments during the day can have a significant impact on the performance and attitude of a team.

For what reason is virtual community building significant?

A team or community will not perform productively on the off chance that its individuals don’t feel motivated enough. With decreased in-person interactions and increased policies to work from home, employees can start to feel discouraged quite easily. It is vital to focus on virtual community building for boosting the work morale of employees and making things interesting for them.

Face to face, fostering a community out of your team is much simpler because everyone interacts with everyone organically throughout the duration of the day. It requires planning to host a Zoom call, and with that, some loss in the natural bonding among employees is bound to happen. Nevertheless, you must set aside some time for prioritizing virtual community building.

Virtual community-building activities

Discussed below is a list of interesting activities that you can utilize to ensure virtual community building in 2022:

1. Gamification

Use virtual gamification elements to keep your colleagues engaged all throughout the day. Engamio provides a vast range of customizable gamified integrations that you can incorporate into your daily interactions for increasing productivity. According to Zippia, 90% of employees state that gamification makes them feel more competent while at work. Also, companies that utilize gamified additions are 7x times more profitable compared to those that don’t use gamification.

2. Fun quizzes and polls during the meeting

To make long virtual meetings fun and interesting, you can add a variety of exciting polls, surveys, and quizzes throughout the session. Make sure that those polls are not related to work. Here are some popular questions that your questionnaire can include -

  • What is your favorite caffeinated beverage at work - tea or coffee?

  • Where would you be most likely to go for your next vacation - mountains or beaches?

  • What is your favorite meal?

  • Which movie or TV series do you like the most?

3. Team coffee breaks and happy hours

If you have any desire to carve out an opportunity to bond with your team members outside of work, a coffee break is an incredible method for doing as such. Plan a half-hour session of having conversations with one another over tea or coffee, and avoid talking about work.

4. Board games

If you can isolate a few hours for your team members and plan a night for playing board games, it can be an excellent way to build a sense of community among everyone. You can pick a suitable virtual streaming service that lets you create different rooms so that you can segregate your employees into teams. Just make sure to choose a game that is easy for everyone to play virtually and not difficult to learn quickly for those who haven’t played it before.

5. Team training session

Although this idea isn’t very ‘fun’, it is surely an excellent way to prioritize the professional development of your team members. Particularly, during such uncertain times, it can be useful to invest your time and effort towards completing training, improving resumes, and achieving certifications. Create a team training session for this activity and learn something new along with your team members.

Learn new ways to engage attendees during virtual sessions, and use gamification to increase interactions with them. Connect with Engamio and opt for our custom gamification engagers. Schedule a free demo today!