Gamification for Exhibition Engagement - 4 Reasons To Use It

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The landscape of exhibitions, conferences, and events has been evolving persistently from dull and simple stalls of bygone eras to thoroughly planned, tech-injected events of today. Be it an organization that curates exhibits or companies that take part in different events, everybody is required to adapt to the altering scenario to stay in the competition.

Regardless of how the events industry has developed or changed during the last few years, the primary concern has generally been to draw in an ever-increasing number of attendees to exhibitions and events. And gamification has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it has a massive potential to increase the engagement of event attendees.

Gamification alludes to integrating gaming components in different activities such as advertising or event management. It can empower you to create networking opportunities and interactions with your guests in a more memorable & exciting way.

For what reasons should you use gamification at your upcoming exhibition?

Gamification can help create a light environment for the participants where they can get familiar with your brand message and offerings, settle on buying choices, and have a good time while they’re at it.

1. Heightened activity of participants

Despite being useful, long exhibition sessions can cause participants to feel bored and exhausted. With gamification, you can offer amusement to your guests and draw their attention to your stands. When executed accurately, gamification can push crowds to be proactive and deliberately take an interest in various exercises and errands that you have coordinated to gamify your show. This will make your offerings and brand reach a greater number of prospects.

2. Increased foot traffic

Gamification can direct the attention of people towards your display stands at an exhibition. By adding gamified tasks and activities into your exhibition planning strategy, you can pique the interest of attendees and encourage them to visit your stall more. Doing so will not only make you stand out from everyone else but also help you make a lasting impression on your target audience.

3. Improved brand awareness

Good memories usually stay etched in our minds longer than awful ones. Therefore, when you offer fun moments to your event participants throughout lengthy multi-day exhibitions, it guarantees that your brand sticks in their memories for a long time to come. Additionally, using custom gamified experiences for your exhibitions will encourage visitors to check out your content, thereby leading to better brand awareness.

4. Effective analytical data collection

Gamification lets you garner more engagement from a higher number of prospects, thereby giving you an opportunity for collecting additional important data about them. There are several ways to gather data on attendee engagement through gamification. You can assess the gathered data and use it to improve the experience of future exhibitions. Engamio’s event gamification tools provide detailed analytics data regarding the key engagement metrics to provide an in-depth insight into the success of your strategies.

Planning to use gamification for creating interactive stall experiences at your next exhibition? Talk to Engamio and learn more about using our customizable gamified tools to increase engagement, interactions, networking opportunities, and lead generation.