6 Strategies To Gamify Your Webinars For Better Engagement & Conversions

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When was the last time you participated in an online webinar or event?

With more individuals working remotely, we have seen an inevitable expansion in live video events, meetings, and webinars. Also, as an ever-increasing number of people carry out the fundamental operations of their professional lives online, we've begun to experience virtual burnout, commonly termed Zoom fatigue by working professionals.

While it's anything but a proper medical finding,
Healthline defines Zoom fatigue as the tiredness you feel at the end of an online conference or video meeting. It also discusses the impact that ‘Zoom fatigue’ can have on our wellbeing. In any case, even before the pandemic, curating intriguing presentations that make the audience want to participate and engage was no child’s play.

So how can you make your webinars more interesting in the post-pandemic era and keep your attendees engaged throughout meetings? The answer lies with gamification. By adding components of gameplay, for example, a contest, you can successfully increase your webinar engagement and create more networking opportunities for greater chances of conversion.

Discussed below are 6 gamification strategies that you can implement for your next webinar:

Make sure to create a script

What are your goals? Ensure from the start that you know the result you need to accomplish and determine how you can establish different levels as well as choose a theme for syncing everything together. Draft a script for the gamified challenges you want to add and separate them into sequential order for adding levels.

Determine the rewards that people will get for winning the challenges

What sort of connection or action do you need from the attendees of your webinar? Plan and engineer your reward points and how you will allocate them. Capitalize on the hype for the competition with live leaderboards that will display the points scored by the top contenders.

Let your audience know about the challenges properly

Communicate to your attendees the kind of gamified challenges they will be participating in. Explain the task that they have to complete for winning, along with the rules and regulations. It is important to ensure that no attendee is left out just because they didn’t understand the challenge.

Make the points exciting to earn

To make the gamified activities more exciting for everyone attending the webinar, think of how the participants can team up with each other to complete the challenges. Not only would it foster better networking among attendees, but also help collect data about prospective conversions.

Keep things upbeat and fast-paced

Irrespective of the content you use, keep it upbeat and quick to read through. Leaderboards can definitely help to increase the excitement level of attendees, as viewing the scores of the best players will motivate them to be more competitive. You can also include interesting animations in your gamified tasks that indicate when someone earns a high score, or climbs higher on the leaderboard, and so on.

What will the winner receive?

The kind of prize that you want to offer to the winners will be completely your decision. It can be something intangible like coupons or offers, or tangible like a gift hamper. Choose your prizes carefully, make sure they are enticing enough to encourage participation from the guests. Time is an investment too, and in exchange for playing your challenges and earning points, the winners are likely to expect something that provides them with value.

It is time to remove the ‘dull’ and the ‘boring’ from your webinars and implement gamification in your next webinar for emphasizing engagement, interactions, networking, and conversions. Book a demo with Engamio to learn about our vast range of customizable gamification solutions.