5 Major Challenges Faced By Event Professionals

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Planning an event is generally accompanied by a number of challenges. Some of them have become more common than we think in modern times. However, overcoming them can help you accomplish remarkable outcomes through your event marketing efforts. In this blog post, we are going to address 5 major challenges faced by event professionals:

Not giving enough priority to networking activities

For business owners, networking is an essential component of their decision-making process when determining whether or not to visit an event. 41% of networkers lack the time needed for networking as much as they might want to and 67% of entry-level job seekers report that face-to-face networking is more beneficial than any other technique. All of that goes on to demonstrate how vital this networking truly is for events. A great way to create and encourage networking opportunities is by using an event gamification solution like the Virtual Map Check-In. It allows international events to embed a digital check-in map where guests can indicate their physical locations with pointers and connect with one another in real-time as well as view the key engagement metrics.

Neglecting to make an attendee engagement plan

So you've taken your time to plan an excellent event. However, what measures are in place to influence the engagement of attendees? There are 4 fundamental kinds of event guest engagement that you must address for any type of event:

  • Content that involves speakers, exhibitions, and other activities in the event.
  • Networking among sponsors and participants in truly innovative ways.
  • Communication in regards to event logistics and any inquiries/comments that surface.
  • Engagement between participants via in-person networking.

Failing to obtain precious event data

Event ROI is amongst the most effective, practical, and critical ways to measure the success of an event. In its absence, you can sort out other important KPIs to understand what went well and what did not. But in both cases, you will require data for viewing the information needed.

Furthermore, it's not only useful for your company. Sponsors will want to see some numbers as well. Additionally, there's no genuine method for figuring out what you can develop in the future without having a reasonable record of how effective your past events were.

Engamio’s gamification tools are designed to drive audience engagement via competition and reward so that they interact more with your content and that of your sponsors. This increases your chances of generating more leads and sponsorship activations, thereby giving your ROI a boost.

Technological challenges

Following the latest innovation trends can help you enhance your processes, improve experiences and engage more attendees. However, with new technologies being developed every day, staying up with the most recent trends and incorporating them into different events ends up being perhaps the greatest hardship for event organizers.

You must be savvier about tech solutions that you can use for your events. You need to update your set of skills consistently to effectively streamline communication, administration, and other event processes.

If you’re on the quest for user-friendly tech solutions to ramp up your event engagement rate, book a demo session to get familiar with the easy-to-use, customizable gamified technology of Engamio.

Overprogramming the schedule of your event

Regardless of how cool your event schedule is, everybody needs a bit of downtime. Ensure that your schedule has enough of these:

  • Assigned free periods where there are no keynotes, activities or programs happening.
  • Clearly communicated program lunch breaks.
  • Entirely separate downtime for allowing the more introverted attendees to refresh.
  • Early wrap-up times for multi-day events to prevent attendees from burning out.

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