Engamio — Certified Partner Program for Individuals

Certified Partner Program for Individuals

Certified Partner

Engamio is open to collaboration and partnerships with individuals who are capable of driving our product to the market. We offer an opportunity to start earning passive income that will be calculated based on the amount of monthly revenue coming from your account and the accounts of users whom you’ve signed up.

  • How does it work?

    1. Send your inquiry to partnerships@engamio.com , proving us with a short intro of yourself, your LinkedIn profile or web-site (if any), and reasoning why you want to partner with us
    2. We will contact you to set up a meeting and discuss the details
    3. If you qualify, we will sign a Partnership Agreement, create your account, and provide you with a unique Partner Identification Number (PIN) that your users should use when creating an Engamio account
    4. We will arrange an in-depth training for you and provide you with all necessary materials and information about the product
    5. We will be calculating your monthly reward based on the amount of revenue generated by your account, and by accounts of users who signed up using your Partner Identification Number (PIN)
  • Whom are we looking for?

    • A person with a wide business network in the Events, Marketing, and/or Education industries, who could promote Engamio and stimulate new sign-ups
    • There should be no conflict of interest with your current employer (if you employed) or with your clients
    • Qualification is dependent on your ability to sell, market, and support Engamio as if you are an independent distributor of the product
    • This is meant to be treated as a business in a box, and thus your responsibility to manage all aspects of taking a customer end to end
    • Random check-ins with your customers
    • Ability to support end customers with extra services of creating and running Engamio engagers at customer’s events
  • Program Benefits:

    • Monthly recurring income and new business opportunities
    • Training for the full spectrum of the business
    • General marketing and PR support
    • Certification as an Accredited Partner of Engamio
    • Featured on our website for your geographic region as a recommended Engamio Accredited Partner
    • Prospective leads for extra services at end customers’ events (create and run engagers)

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