5 Post Event Activities to Keep Attendees Engaged

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Do you have strategies for reaching out to the guests after the event has ended? If not, then it's high time for you to start curating a good post-event engagement strategy and activities.

Interacting with your attendees even after the event has ended is a vital step to execute for any savvy event manager. Following up with the audience will amplify your networking efforts and build on the engagement received. You can also collect valuable feedback from the participants regarding what they'd like to see in future events.

Let's discuss 5 exciting post-event engagement ideas and activities that you can add to your existing strategy.

Top 5 Post-Event Activities for Engagement.

Take the hype to social media

Sharing relevant content on social media is an important part of any post-event engagement strategy. By posting visuals and video content on your social channels, you can help the attendees relive the memories of your event. Some great post-event content for social media can be selfies or pictures with keynote speakers from the big day. They can be planned for in advance by integrating Engamio's Virtual Selfie Booth engager into the event platform. This customizable gamification tool can be easily integrated into any type of event and modified to display sponsor content & branding. It allows event attendees to take branded selfies and download as well as share the same on social media.

Send a 'Thank You' email

Email marketing should be another important aspect of your post-event engagement strategy. Sending a 'Thank you' email to your attendees can be a great way of expressing gratitude for their presence. Also, you can include feedback-related queries in the email to learn about the experience that your guests had. Make sure to plan this mail in advance so that you can send it as soon as possible after your event has come to an end.

Create relevant content

Encourage interactions from your guests after the event by sharing meaningful content with them, like activity scores, videos, photographs, and so on. You can also curate post-event gamification activities, for example, a music playlist, puzzle, or word game featuring content from your event. Engamio's exciting gamified engagers come equipped with leaderboards, ranks & options to add sponsor offers. These engagers can be used for hosting an online contest. The purpose is to redirect the engagement received during the event to your marketing channels effectively.

Build a post-event webpage for further engagement activities

Develop and add a post-event page to your website where attendees can browse and relive memories from the event. Alternatively, you can edit one of your existing pages to cut down the time and effort required for building one. Share guest photos, videos of the keynote speakers, post-event promotional offers, and interactive activities on that page.

You can also post interesting event statistics, informative presentations, reel videos, and embed tweets shared by attendees during the event.

Plan a networking meet after your event

Once your event has ended, you can host a small follow-up gathering to get return attendees. Within this meet, encourage the guests to mingle and socialize with one another. This gathering section can be either online or in person. However, it depends on your marketing budget. For online networking meets, you can create fun activities to boost engagement. For instance, with the incorporation of Engamio's Virtual Map, you can allow attendees to mark their geographical location on a live map. This tool displays engagement statistics in real-time and can help foster meaningful networking opportunities for your post-event meet.

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